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Planning a landscaping project can be a stressful and overwhelming experience if you don’t know where to start. Luckily I’ve thrown together my top ten tips for things you should consider and check before going ahead with a landscaping project.

Where do I begin?

Examine your relevant Customer Affairs website and ensure you know legal obligations of the landscaping contractor you engage.

It’s important to consider 2 or 3 designers or landscapers in your city. Have a chat at first on the phone and check out their sites to obtain a concept of their work and follow up with your preferred landscaper

Have a Realistic Budget in Mind!

A lovely landscape can be expensive and takes some time, it’s just on TV that it takes place over a weekend for a low cost! Start with your wish list and work back from there. If you include everything you want in advance, a designer can build a comprehensive plan and then break the project down into workable phases. However, be reasonable as the more building and construction needed, the pricier the task will be. Items like retaining walls, dry stone walls and pools cannot be attained within a $10,000 budget plan and if a landscaper recommends they can do it for this – be doubtful, you do get exactly what you pay for!

Engage a Landscape Designer

The style of your garden is as essential as the style of your house, for that reason it is necessary you think about the expert guidance of a certified and competent designer who can thoroughly consider your requirements for your garden and the site conditions to develop an effective outside area that will improve your way of life and add worth to your house.

A landscape designer will help you to determine what you require and consider how you use your outdoors area. This is essential since every garden is unique due to factors such as the weather, the relationship between the outdoor area and inside view, and the needs of the people using the area. What works for your neighbours or pals might not always work for you. Having a landscape designer establish a landscape plan for you will eventually conserve you cash and result in the final outcome being much more effective.

Plants to think about

A landscape designer can put together a plant list specific to your garden. For more ideas, walk around your neighbourhood –this will offer you a sensible concept of which plants are succeeding in the area under comparable weather and soil conditions and will likewise offer you details about size and upkeep.

Use Registered Building Practitioners

Legally all landscapers carrying out structural works (paving, decking, pergolas, swimming pools) over $5,000 ought to be a Registered Building Professional. Just like any tradesperson or expert you are thinking about taking part in a job with, ask to see a copy of their registration as evidence prior to them undertaking the work. Furthermore, onlyRegistered Building Practitioners can offer domestic building insurance.

Landscape Contracts

Constantly have an agreement in place – would you construct a home without one? Well this is the same concept. An expert landscaper will have an agreement that plainly sets out exactly what work they will be doing, just how much it will cost and the payment phases.


The deposit must be no more than 10% for projects costing as much as $20,000 and 5% for jobs over $20,000. This is the law. Payments after the deposit can be for bigger amounts, and should align to works or materials that are commensurate with what has been undertaken. For instance it is not uncommon for a landscaper to invoice for a big percentage of the task expense when all the products are provided to site.

Attaining Permits

Your landscape specialists must understand and attain all suitable building permits that you might need. If you are uncertain, call your regional council and they will advise you on which licenses are needed.

Insurance coverages

All landscapers must possess builders public liability insurance – inspect that they do. Likewise landscape designers must bring expert indemnity insurance coverage.

If your job is larger than $16,000 and you are utilizing a Registered Building Professional, they ought to offer you domestic structure insurance coverage. Domestic structure insurance coverage ensures the structural elements of the task for up to 6 years – similar to service warranty insurance coverage when developing a home. Unregistered landscapers cannot use domestic structure insurance coverage and you should alternately seek a quote from owner builder insurance brokers to make sure you’re protected.

Maintaining the Landscape

You’ve invested a great deal of cash in having a landscape built however what about the aftercare upkeep? Not everybody is an enthusiastic garden enthusiast like our members, so to safeguard your financial investment you might have to consider a routine garden upkeep program as part of you spending plan.

Gardens are living things for that reason they grow, plants pass away and plants can end up being rowdy if not pruned. An expert landscaper has an extensive understanding in cultivation and plant care. They can establish an upkeep program that matches both your budget plan and your garden to keep your landscape looking as excellent as it did when it was built which will develop with time.