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Theme parks and entertaining go together. So if fun is what you’re seeking, a day out at a theme park must definitely be on the cards.

In our humble remarks, these would be the best in all of Australia. They are packed full of rides, games, and carnival entertainment acceptable for big and little kids alike. For adolescents and the young at heart, it’s about the thrill of testing your will against the highest, fastest, or most dizzying ride you can line up. For parents, it is about finding a way to keep the children entertained during the school holidays, which is why a trip to a theme park is a no-brainer. It is practically guaranteed to place a smile on little ones’ faces and tire them out by the end of the day — so you may find the peace and quiet you deserve in the day. Yes, deserve. What’s more, most theme parks, like Luna Park in Melbourne also have at least one venue for hire, which could be useful if you are planning a big event.

The rides won’t be open daily, so better get to it!

1. Dreamworld, Gold Coast

Top of this list is your world-renowned Dreamworld. It’s been voted as the #1 Amusement Park & Water Park in the South Pacific on TripAdvisor and has been called one of the world’s greatest theme parks by Adioso. If you want more persuasive, it’s the greatest theme park in Australia, boasts two massive thrill rides, family-friendly rides, shows and Tiger Island (a tiger sanctuary where guests could have an up-close-and-personal experience with assorted tiger species).

2. Seaworld, Gold Coast

Second to none at the marine wildlife entertainment park stakes is Seaworld. Located on the Gold Coast, it offers pure fun for the whole family, with animals, rides and amusement at your fingertips. The marine life on show includes dolphins, polar bears, seals, penguins, sharks and rays, and the rides team with adventure on the high seas. 

Theme Parks and Roller Coasters

3. Warner Bros Movie World, Gold Coast

Meet with a superhero or gush on your favourite starlet in Warner Bros Movie World. This theme park is part studio part amusement park and all pleasure. Have a tour through the backlot to view famous movie sets, watch demonstrations on how the professionals make movie magic in the studio or just brave the thrilling superhero-themed rides such as the celebrity you are.

4. Luna Park, Sydney

When in Sydney, Luna Park is a must-visit, not only for the rides but for your views. Sydney’s Luna Park is situated in Milsons Point to the background of the Harbour Bridge. Entry is free and there are various ticket options if you’d like to undertake the rides, including household park moves, unlimited passes, and annual passes. Both Luna parks in Sydney and Melbourne also has formal venues that you could hire for events like weddings or birthday parties.

Roller coasters, on the other hand, has been a staple on many theme parks around the world. Similar to an adult zipline, the roller coaster is the go-to for thrill-seekers. Anybody who loves the adventure will appreciate this list of the best roller-coasters and other rides from around the world. Here is the list:

  • Twisted Colossus

Starting with the newly renovated steel-wood hybrid ride that originally opened in 1978, initially called ‘Colossus’. It was the fastest wooden roller coaster then that probably started Six Flags Magic Mountain’s journey for being one of the most sought after theme parks for the ‘ride-of-your-life’ experience. With its new name, the Twisted Colossus offers daredevils a 4-minute ride with a couple of 80-degree, 128-foot drops. Located at Santa Clarita, California, this dual-tracked roller coaster is situated side-by-side at some angles. It twists and turns on the white wooden beams giving it an illusion of almost colliding against each other. 

  • Wicked Twister

Another twister is located in Cedar Point, Ohio, which had built its reputation of being a famous destination for an adventure and thrilling roller coaster experience. Wicked Twister is a single, double-ended train that takes daredevils into a 450-degree twisted track. It shoots them up one side of the track running at 72 mph then drops and shoots them back up on the other vertical twisted track. The ride is short but is worth another go. Do you think you can take this ride’s wickedness being the tallest and fastest inverted coaster? If you do, be prepared to go on a shockwave adventure of a lifetime.

  • Takabisha

In Japan, particularly in Fuji-Q Highland theme park, a heart-raising 121° tilt drop by Takabisha entitles it to own the label, “the steepest coaster in the world”. Besides the idea that this could make you feel nearly upside-down, this 112-second ride is just full-on surprise falls, loops and fast speed of 62mph. Thrill-seekers would have the time of their life. Its name is written in Kanji characters that translate with the way they look, “high fly car”. Additionally, its written translation in English means “dominant”.

  • Goliath

Looking for something to do in Europe besides ‘just’ seeing museums? Pump it up with this purple coaster that accelerates 66 mph down a 152-foot drop of bunny helixes, bunny hops and a curved hill along a 3,983-foot track. This 1 minute and 10-second ride is the highest and longest roller coaster in the Benelux. It is also the world’s second ‘Mini Hypercoaster’ because of its height that is above 200 ft.