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Feeling creatively dry?

It doesn’t matter whether you are a business person or an artist, all of us implement creative thinking to a certain degree in our respective fields. If you feel as if you are caught in a rut, then here are a few of the greatest strategies to get those creative juices flowing once again.

  1. Plan Ahead

You may be creative at this very moment, but you need to make a plan that promises longevity. It is important that you ask yourself if you consider yourself productive in your creative hours. Making a strategy beforehand will help you prevent creative plateaus, and you will find that the results will speak for themselves. Creativity will not hit you on cue, but having that special time put aside and a little creative attention can go quite a distance.

  1. Establish Some Unusual Rules

Creativity demands you to think outside the box. To push boundaries, you often must stray from the norm. Reward failure, but punish inaction and distraction. Procrastination will achieve you nothing. Understand that failure does not need to painted with such negative stigma. Failure is often the stepping stone to success, and is a measure of the effort you invested.

  1. Huh? Think Inside The Box?

That’s right, think inside the box. What this means is, utilize what you already know. You have invested time in learning new skills, so you ought to implement them and apply them in new ways. Using guitar as an example, imagine you have spent years learning scales and chords, but you completed neglected songwriting and being creative. You have developed a solid foundation of technical skill and music theory, so now it’s time to apply it in an artistic manner. You have learnt the rules, now you seek to bend, maybe even break them. You follow the sounds in your mind and aim to create something foreign. Without the tools ‘inside the box’, you wouldn’t have been able to create this product or idea. Once again, reward failure.

  1. Find Inspiration Externally

This can be by listening to new music or going to watch a new movie. Inspiration is everywhere, you just need to find it. Attend events as well, you can be surrounded by like-minded individuals. Innovation speakers can reignite your muse, and enhance your perspective. Consider art galleries, workshops, and even technology conferences.

  1. Stay Motivated With Side Projects

If you concentrate too hard on a single job for too long, you are bound to get stuck in a creative rut, or at least a spell of reduced motivation. Distracting yourself with other, smaller jobs puts you away from the huge project and encourages you to be more productive and imaginative. When you are done with a few of these, you are going to come back to a huge project with a fresh mindset and renewed enthusiasm.

  1. Share Your Passion, Get Others Involved

Involve other people and have them be a part of your creative journey. In this digital age, we are exponentially gravitating towards using the Internet as our diary. Start a website or a blog, and design a website that represents you. Look into different types of web design platforms, as there are many out there. Custom craft CMS is an aesthetic and modern option to design your website.

  1. Stay Healthy and Exercise

A change of scenery is always a fantastic idea to acquire a burst of imagination, but a great 30 minutes of workout will really boost your imagination. In reality, it promotes just about any measurement of cognition, therefore exercise frequently to receive your bloodstream (and imaginative juices) flowing.

  1. Quit Working Mid-Thought

If you discover that you begin a few days with no idea where your job is going next, think about when you stop functioning the day before. Rather than searching for logical breaking things, always know what is coming next. This way, once you begin the following day, you can develop a little creative momentum before continuing to the new things.

  1. Get Some Sleep

Sleep is vital for your wellbeing and overall health, but it is helpful for your creative mind also. A good sleep helps you to form connections between your thoughts and solidify the information you recently acquired. Other benefits of having healthy sleep cycles include great mental health, an active body and less fatigue. Going back to point number seven, exercise is dependent on sleep, so don’t forget to rest!

  1. Know The Way To Take Some Time Off

We can’t be creative and inventive all the time, and that is okay. Even for non creative practices, hardly anyone works 24/7, and if they do, their happiness would be questionable. When not creative, start combining all the previous steps, if not just a little. Book a holiday and escape the daily routine of life.