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Holidays come around so fast and you may be one of those mums who is sick of hearing the kids complain they are bored and have nothing to do. Try a few of the holiday activities below for some great fun these holidays.

DIY MasterChef contest

This is a great idea to keep the kids entertained while encouraging their help in the kitchen.

You only have to keep the meals super simple and one that works well is pizza. All kids love pizza and there are so many different toppings you can add to the pizza to ensure everyone has toppings that they like. If the kids are having a sleep over then it can be a good and fun past time for them to help out and cook their tea. You can add toppings you already have in the fridge like meat and cheese and some tomato paste. The kids can experiment with different toppings and even have a go at making their own pizza dough.

Visit your local park

This is a free activity, but it can really get the kids tired out. Take the footy or having running races or maybe a treasure hunt. The kids are out in the fresh air away from the TV plus they are tired when they get home and you may just get a good night’s sleep. Take a few friends from school and a few parents and make a list of things for the kids to find. The kids are entertained while you and the other mums can have a relax and catch up. However, if the local park is quite big and spread out, it is always better to consider a GPS child locator for the safety of your young ones.

Kid activities


This can be done in winter or summer. Of course, if it is winter the kids will need to go to a heated pool if there is one near you. Take a book and enjoy some reading while the kids enjoy the pool. There are even water parks that have fun activities for kids during the school holidays. The pricing is inexpensive and can be all day entertainment.

Go on a train ride

Kids of all ages love train rides. You can even make it fun by looking out for certain things along the way and give a reward to whoever finds them straight away. You can take a train ride to a nice town and have a picnic lunch kids can have a play and look at the main points of the town then catch the

Create a puppet show

This is a cheap and stay at home activity. Puppets are great for the imagination and kids can make puppets themselves. You can use old socks with items stuck on for eyes or even decorated cardboard boxes and recyclable stuff can be made into puppets. You can buy puppet show stages or create one yourself using a sheet and a box or anything that you can hang a sheet over and look out.

Go on a bush walk

This can be a fun activity in so many ways. You can find birds in a library book and take the kids to the bush with binoculars and see how many birds you can find or even for the little kids collecting treasures like sticks and unique leaves to take home and take a picture out of them. Kids tend to get excited and wander beyond a limit where you may not be able to keep an eye on them. When you end up chaperoning a kid’s day out, it may be difficult for you to keep track of all the kids you’re responsible for all at once. Hence a use of a child GPS tracker is recommended for those busy moms who love being a multi tasker and a perfectionist.