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Collect Leaves

Kids old enough use a crayon, they can create cute angel faces. Lay a leaf on paper and then rub the crayon on the outside of the leaf, developing a shape and producing a distinct halo and hairdo effects. Remove the foliage and draw a chin, a face, and add some lovely hair to the angel. This helps kids become creative and venturing into the park or backyard to collect leaves can be fun to get outdoors.

Eat Out and try a new Cuisine

Go for an exotic cuisine your kids have not attempted, such as Thai or even Vietnamese. Locate the country on the world globe or a map, and see a brief encyclopaedia or browse the internet to have a look at the common foods and get a basic understanding of the countries culture. Proceed to the restaurant early, before the peak rush so your children can take in theatmosphere and really enjoy the food at their own pace.


There are lots of ways for kids to donate to their community. For example, many cities have gardening clubs which liven up public spaces. Toddlers can mess up in the dirt or pull weeds up (with supervision), and older children can plant bulbs and seeds. Another choice is to help at a few of numerous animal-rescue associations, or take your children to see the elderly in a retirement residence, to build their social skills and give back to the community.

Have a Look at the Stars

Purchase a star map to begin. Then select a place on your lawn or even venture up to the roof it safe, that gives a clear view of the skies, and head out after dinner to observe how the night sky changes hour to hour and day to day. A little fresh air before bedtime can help your children sleep afterwards. Kids can use their imagination and come up with their own star constellations.

Plan a Treasure Hunt
In your home or backyard, plant small plastic craft stones and treasures in the backyard or in hidden spots in the home. Then draw a map with instructions. (For a historical appearance, allow some coffee to soak on the map and tear the edges of the paper whilst it is still wet.)

You can hide the map somewhere in the house and allow the children discover it by making the bed and putting toys away.

Do some Cooking

Kids love getting involved and messy with cooking, it doesn’t have to be a huge task, baking and decorating cupcakes and biscuits are fun and Kids especially love making pie crusts, biscuits, and pizza, since they could squish the dough with their fingers. Watching yeasty dough grow and then punching down it is particularly interesting. There is always a yummy reward for all the cooking.

Put Together a Dress-Up Box

On a rainy day, sort out any old dresses, shoes, shirts and makeup jewellery that you wouldn’t wear anymore and let the kids have some fun with it all. Make a dedicated dress up box with the chosen items and donate the rest to a charity. Children can even paint or decorate the costume box to make it personalised.

Visit a Museum

Visiting a museum is a super fun day trip for children. Marvel at all the historical artefacts and interactive exhibits. Most museums have tailored children’s exhibits with specialised museum showcases that are accessible and easy to understand for children. They are usually interactive and educational as well.

A Trip to the Gallery

Whether it is a small local gallery or the state gallery, children can benefit and fall in love with art. Seeing art spurs their imagination and inspires creativity. Make sure you warn kids to be well behaved and quiet to enjoy the unique display showcase that the gallery has to offer.