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With a new year comes countless new year’s resolutions all with companies busy preparing for the entire year ahead. Larger. Better. Bolder. Smarter. Quicker. So what is in store for skin care in 2018? What international all-natural skincare trends will people see?

Go Green

2018 is quite exciting concerning skincare and beauty. Organic and natural is no more a niche category, in reality, it might have surpassed traditional skincare. In various ways, the skin care business is after the ‘natural’ and ‘slow’ meals motion in which the focus is on quality over quantity. As customers also become increasingly more conscious of the risks of chemicals, GMOs, toxins, and the internet are always there to give a helping hand as people becoming increasingly worried, the requirement for organic products free of harmful chemicals will continue to spike.

Pigmented Makeup That Include Skincare

The line between cosmetics and makeup will begin to blur more — with brands that offer shade makeup with additional skin benefits like hydration, anti-aging and anti-acne. We have already seen the emergence of BB and CC creams that work as makeup with added benefits.

Vegan, Cruelty-Free, and Brands that Contribute to a Cause

As customers become more conscious of what is occurring in the Cosmetics sector, there’ll be many more individuals looking for brands that ‘do good’. Cruelty-free is a big one as consumers become more aware of the side effects of these products.

Shift Towards Healthy Skin no Matter the Flaws

This one I’m especially enthusiastic about. The last ten years there’s been a significant spike in cosmetic surgery procedures and other procedures such as laser resurfacing to increase the appearance of skin. However, there has been a trend in letting skin breathe and embracing natural skin features including freckles, wrinkles defects and all. For the skincare business, this encompasses bringing natural beauty forward by providing products that build our natural skin protective barriers and are soothing. There is a shift away from drastic anti-ageing and flaw minimising and more acceptance of flaws.


With the rise of urban living, the growth of pollutants which contribute to the degeneration of the skin wellness. Brands will encourage the advantages of pro

tective and curative components to offset the consequences of environmental pollutants. Other components such as recyclable packaging and non-chemical ingredients are popular factors.


Not a newcomer, however, a fashion that will surely last comfortably into 2018 is merchandise which guarantees to whiten and even-out skin tone. Among the most desired skin goals would be to get brighter, luminous, skin care skin so serums, lotions and therapy products and professional facials that provide these advantages will continue to be highly desired.

Skincare Trends — Ingredients

Edible Components

Food-grade plant oils commonly recognised at the kitchen will be large players in 2018. The focus is on natural, cold-pressed, first-grade oils (not the ‘leftover bits’ which are processed). Mostly olive and coconut oil and pantry items like apple cider vinegar!

Natural Pigments

More so in makeup — we’ve seen plenty of ‘mica’ pigments before but we’ll begin to find natural food colours get involved. These include cacao, beetroot, and turmeric.


Nourishing from the inside out, it is about eating for your skin and incorporating fresh food into your diet to boost skin health. Food such as kale and broccoli have essential vitamins and water that contribute to skin health.

Australian botanical natives

Australia is home to a Huge botanical landscape, together with lots of Indigenous plants which have been traditionally used for their medicinal healing properties. In skin care, these components are very busy, they’re healing, calming, hydrating, and anti-inflammatory. Some popular emerging natives include Kakadu Plum, Quandong, and Mountain Pepper Berry.