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  1. Take a Punt Ride on the lake

If you have dreamed of riding a gondola in Venice but cannot go overseas. Then do the next best thing and ride a punt on the lake in Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens. A punt is a shallow, flat-bottomed boat propelled by a pole rather than an oar.

  1. Be a train driver for a day

Imagine yourself as a train driver for a day, in the front seat of an old steam engine chugging and whistling across the line, or of a diesel train, its giant engines roaring. Don’t dream, Just Do It!

  1. Best of St. Kilda

To begin with, visit Luna Park (Australia’s oldest amusement park) and struck on the first rides still in operation, for instance, Scenic Railway, which opened in 1912, along with the merry-go-round, constructed in 1913. Then take in the sunset as you stroll down Jacka Boulevard into St Kilda’s breakwater to get a glimpse in a healthy-sized colony of little penguins (also referred to as fairy penguins). The black-and-white cuties are there all year round, but the best viewing is at summertime. Just remember: do not climb on the stones (that is where they lay eggs and rear young), do not use flash on your camera and do not feed or touch them.

  1. Manage A Snake.

Have you got a fascination with snakes or maybe you would like to face fear by holding one of those creatures. Would you be surprised to find they’re not slimy but dry to the touch and their bodies although elastic aren’t limp but firm and powerful?

  1. Cherish Mobile Dining Experience.

Have you got a special event coming up and you are considering an excellent restaurant meal, but you need that little something extra, that pizazz? Melbourne has you covered with a choice of unique mobile restaurants. So don’t let the grass grow under your feet, get moving on these tasty trips.

  1. Hot air Balloon

Ballooning is widespread over the town of Melbourne and throughout the picturesque Yarra Valley. Urban or rural landscape take your choice. Yarra Valley Flights soar above vineyards and farms, a gorgeous rural vista with a mountainous background.

  1. Step on the Edge.

Take the fastest elevator in the Southern Hemisphere and in 38 seconds you’ll arrive in the Eureka Skydeck 88 at which you can take in 360-degree views of Melbourne. Daredevils can measure up to The Edge, a glass block that protrudes from the face of the construction 285 metres above the floor. Now here’s the experience, the level is made of glass. Glance down at your feet suspended 285 from the atmosphere.

  1. Stunt Car

Set a vehicle in a twist, set it up on two wheels, or jump it. No, I am not talking about a wild ride after a night on the booze. I am talking about a stunt driving experience. You also can make like the films, if only for a little while with this stunt driver encounter in Mini Coopers in Sandown Race Course.

  1. Drink in a hidden bar:

At miniature CBD cocktail joint Bar Americano, imbibe among Matt Bax’s ever-changing classics-driven cocktails. You will pay a premium to get a drink in this laneway cabinet, but you will come out a changed man. And in case you’re able to get the door, purchase the fanciest espresso cocktail in Melbourne in Eau De Vie. The Espresso Zabaione is striking with tequila, vodka or rum and features a vanilla mousse on top the bartender burst chills with liquid nitrogen upon serving.

  1. Rooftop Bar

For a town with such temperamental weather, we sure do enjoy a rooftop bar. They primarily cover our city, but the most popular is Rooftop Bar. Kick back on the imitation grass or huddle under the heating and lose yourself in the magnificent view.